Little Bear Oso

Little Bear Oso has the purpose of helping children to reduce anxiety through specially designed products with friendly characters. This is approached in an entertaining way, making it a fun process for children.

Little Bear Oso is there for the children to make the medical world more understandable and comfortable. Little Bear Oso is a sweet, friendly and trusted friend for the childen. The Little Bear Oso project has been designed in such a way that the bear can be everywhere with and especially for the children. Think of areas such as at home, waiting rooms and treatment rooms. This gives the child a safe and familiar feeling.

The Little Bear Oso project consists of a number of products to achieve this goal, including animations, childrensbooks, pluche toys and more. De target group for this project are pre-schoolers, but we have seen that children between 2 and 8 years old really like Little Bear Oso.